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FRSPA “Dedication to Arts Education”

The Fall River School of Performing Arts is a family run business located in the former Windsor Junction School. Opened in 2002, FRSPA has expanded to include all forms of the performing arts. With a welcoming atmosphere, talented staff and a genuine dedication to music and dance education, FRSPA has carved a unique niche for itself among area music schools. The staff at FRSPA is second to none.
Upon entering the school, it becomes obvious that the FRSPA staff have a true passion for the work they do.

News & Events

Early registration for Fall 2014 Regular Dance Classes will be on May 10th startiing at 9:30am.
Classes in Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz and Ballet (Ages 3 and 4)

Voice training for young actors in a supportive group setting. Learn techniques for better posture, breath control and awareness of resonance to improve your singing and voice projection onstage....

Ready to learn And have fun.  Well we've got  your adventure...

This weekend was an exciting one for the FRSPA dance teams. Their performances at Limelight Dance Competition were awarded with many Gold medals, Special Awards, and a few prestigious invitations...


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